Da changes in magazine culture

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As the landscapes of media culture such as magazines, broadcast, and internet changes their comes a different way that news is distributed now a days. I went to rollingstone.com and read some interesting articles the most interesting can be found in politics called kill team. It’s about soilders who planned out to kill civilians in iraq. This was a cutting edge article that had graphic images and even a video. The culture of magizines has really changed especially rollingstone by staying close to pop culture but still cutting edge that can attract attention of all readers or you can say niche in media. When magazine sells started going down because of the rise of the internet magazines had to adjust to work with media such as rollingstone, wired, elle and texasmonthly all adjusted to this changed in media. So as the years go on i believe the magazine industry is going to continue to change as long as media continues to change.


The Day The movies Died

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I recently read article called the day movies died. Mark harris had some very good points about movies.Like when he said the”the world of american movies is an infinitely richer place because of pixar and that the very best comic book movies…” He wants us to basically evalutate the movies we watch to look at hollywood in simple terms.I think hes right on some parts but I don’t think i will engadge the he ask because i like the movies the way I like them. Mark Harris is against most of hollywood but eventhough hollywood has its flaws it’s still not entirely bad.


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During my interview I asked questions bout my interviewies life and got got alot of positive responses. If i had a second chance I would ask more questions to get more in depth information. I learned that she likes to decorate and it’s fun she stated “I dressed manikins”.

I interviewed Elexis Robinson which is a mix of a profile and lifestyle bout her. Her favorite hobby is to decorate and she also models. She likes to decorate her room and build things. She does a ton of decorating in her store She states “I just built a wall painted and cut foam core to make a little bunny and jenny lettering.”  She works at macys where she works mostly in the back hanging clothes and dressing and undressing maniquins in the newest trends and since she models on the side she knows what looks good on them. Shes been doing her job for 3 years which is a pretty long time giving most people do not hold a job longer than a year.

My favorite Television Show

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As the television increases it’s explicit content and crime dramas my t.v shows is law and order Special Victims Unit. With law and order it comes in detail with real life scenarios that are not based on true stories. Law and order appeals to a younger audience as well as an older one. This show gives off an intense message about mindstates criminals have when they commit crimes. It has plenty of drama and suspense which draws in the big number of audience that it gets.This show works in in keeping attention on main points. In one episode it was about a serial killer raping then killing girls and anotha officer kills him and she gets put on trial for hit by the end she ends up killing herself. I usually have to watch this show on usa network so majority of its commercials are about the other shows that are going to come on in which most are crime dramas such as royal pains and ncis. This keeps people wanting more if they are into crime dramas. Elliott Stabler and Olivia benson are the main characters in this show. Eliott has a bad temper so it makes people wonder what he’s going to do next. Olivia is a rape victim herself so she always appeal to woman victims making them a very good team.  All in all I love this show it keeps me entertained through and through. Now the show i don’t like is House because I really don’t get why they have a crazy disabled doctor being an a-hole then yet he saves lives even though a real doctor would have been fired.


Colorado public radio

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Im going to be honest i did not understand most of what they where talking about on that station. However they had some interesting world views like about the problems in egypt and the war. Also somethings about south korea and north koreas problems. The various programs it has are interesting with topics i still feel it should talk bout major problems going on instead of bits and pieces. In the colorado matters i feel there should be alot more on missing children within the state and nature and wildlife since colorado is one of the few states in the United states that has a whole lot of wildlife. My overall thought is i dont really think they put enough need to know stuff in their programing gossips fine but i think they need more facts.

Shady records

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Shady records a recording company founded in 1999 by eminem and Dr. Dre is one of the more popular recording industries. It specilizes in hip hop artists such as 50 cent when he started, Obie trice, Eminem himself, and the rap group known as D-12 this rap label identifies with its artist well for example all of d-12 d stands for detroit they all met in detroit. 50 cent was discovered by eminem thats how he got started and dr. Dre discovered eminem thus creating shady records. Everybody in shady records started off as underground rappers and battle artist Shady records got that name from Slim shady A.K.A eminem that being his nickname. They sale millions of c.ds every year eminem sometimes has held signings where he wud give out free cds to the first couple thousand to get there. This label particularly aims toward urban communities and develop meants. Most of there artist come from urban settings themselves. This label is very indepent they thrive on entertainment and stay loyal. Indepedent labels take alot more work to get a large fan based unlike major labels because indepedents arn’t as well known like majors are. Small labels are essential to recording industries simply because some of the most popular artist come from indepent industries.

About Me

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Last, First Name: Scott, Dawayne

What Name do you Prefer to be called in class? Dawayne

Major:Crimnial Justice Year in School: 2011

Why Are you taking this course? What drew you to a journalism class? May need in field of interest.

Is there a type of journalism or writing you are interested in? No preference

What career plans are you considering? Probation officer, Corrections officer, Law enforcement, or Lawyer

What do you like to do when you aren’t in class or studying? Play Sports, Play video games, and Listen to music

If you have a job, what is it, and where do you work? Do not have a job right now

Tell me something about yourself to help me remember you: I love sports especially football, basketball, and baseball. also im laid back and chill

Tell me what mass media you enjoy,in this order:

Web sites: Facebook, Google.

Music: R&B, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock.

Radio Stations: 97.5 KYGO, KS 107.5, 95.7 the party, Kool 101.

T.v shows (network and cable: Law & Order, CSI miami and any other crime drama.

Movies: Remember the Titans, Gridiron Gang, Tron.

Newspapers: Denver Post. Magazines: Sports Illustrated. Books: Plain song

Advertisements: Don’t have any